2014 Top Compendium

I put a lot of time into my own year-end list, so I wanted to share the love and let y’all know about year-end lists from a few friends of mine.

First up is Dan’s list. He counts down his top 100 of the year, no duplicate bands, one sentence per song. The past couple of years I’ve gone through and listened to each song, sight unseen, and messaged him my thoughts. Some songs I know, or at least can guess the artist from their voice, but most I don’t have a clue who they are as the song plays and I just do a little bit of freestyle feedback. It’s fun, but time consuming! Enjoy Dan’s list here: https://medium.com/@dancecarbuzz/the-top-100-songs-of-2014-as-objectively-judged-by-me-81249dbb65e8

Next up is Michael’s list. I’m listening to it right now and started with the first song on the list, “Algiers” by The Afghan Whigs. It’s a song that I wouldn’t have picked as representative of how I feel about that album, but that’s me. (Which song would I have picked? Just about any other song on the record. The enormous riff from “Parked Outside” that opens the album is representative of the album for me, so maybe that one.) I digress. Michael picked 80 songs and has 20 “Suicide Mike” picks, songs that he says will “carve you up and crush you with nostalgia.” Sounds fun, count me in! Enjoy Mike’s list here: http://bsidesnarrative.com/2014/12/27/1263/

Lastly, my friend Josh just puts out a list on Rdio. It’s not even rounded to a tens or anything – just 64 songs. No accompanying blog post. I will say that past years have been more acoustic focused, more Americana & alt.country than, say, Dan’s list. But it’s solid. Enjoy Josh’s list here: http://rd.io/x/Rl4lKfov7sUl/

Do you have a year-end list you’d like me to listen to and include? Put it in the comments and I’ll check it out & post it up. If you make one next year, send it along! And you can check out my year-end list here, although it’s not just a list of songs. šŸ™‚

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