First new Stone Roses gig!

As reported on Slicing Up Eyeballs and elsewhere, the Stone Roses took the stage for their first public gig since reforming a few nights ago in Warrington in the U.K. (a bit southeast of Manchester). The videos I watched & listened to were big crowd singalongs and you could barely hear Ian. (I hope he’s improved singing live over the years, but if not, hearing more crowd & less him would be a good thing šŸ™‚ The guitar on “Love Spreads” sounded great, and the other snippets were pretty good as well.

I did find one video that’s labeled as a new song, but to my ears (and many others) it’s just Ian riffing different words over “Sally Cinnamon”. Either way, it’s still fun to listen to. Check it out:

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Sally Cinnamon (Single Mix) – Sally Cinnamon – EP
Love Spreads – Second Coming

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