(More) Bands That Followed Me On Twitter, too

Today’s checkout starts with Disgu!se – Pretty varied electronic music sound – at times reminding me of the simple lyrics of early Depeche Mode (“Listen to Me“), vocal stylings of Heaven 17 (“Storylines“) and Joy Division or Interpol (“Heirloom“), and still sounding kind of fresh. “Inside Out Of Love” has blues licks in the middle of electronic beats & strings & piano – that’s the fresh I’m talking about. “Camera” starts of like Nitzer Ebb lite and then swings into a funk shuffle for the chorus. Decent stuff here. I’d check ’em out if I were ever down Londontown in Old Blighty.

Aw, man! I had a whole post of this written up and linked and everything and it’s gone poof. Oh well, that’s ok. I get to revisit these artists again and give an opinion based on a couple of different listens.

Next up – Ryan O’Leary. This is decent hard pop. There’s vocoder on some tracks, which I find a little unnecessary. It makes me think of Owl City – not that Owl City is bad, but with Ryan’s hard guitars, the vocoder is out of place. To me. Anyway, his album The College Graduate (a cheeky nod to Kanye‘s records) is up on Spotify, the link goes to iTunes – check it out. Any track.

Tai Chi Swayze is the next band I have here to listen to. I see on their Facebook page that they’ll be at SXSW in March if you’re so inclined to see them live, which I would be. This reminds me of Placebo – maybe it’s just the vocals a little bit. The music makes me think of Kaiser Chiefs and other solid UK pop/rock bands. They just have the single “Stumble Home” on iTunes right now, but you can hear more of their songs on Facebook.

The last band in this segment of bands that followed me on Twitter is Clarence Buffalo. The singer is somewhat reminiscent of Eddie Vedder, circa Bad Radio. Oh! Listening to “3 Shot”, he drifted into the lyrics to Blondie’s “Call Me”. That was kind of cool. “Change” is kind of a jammy shuffle song. The chorus is catchy, almost reminding me of Peter Gabriel now. The songs are loose, very fitting for a bar band, which is what I’m assuming these guys are at this point. I don’t see any show info on their website, but they’re from Arlington, VA. So, if you’re around there, keep an eye out.

All right, I’m gonna save this now and quit while I’m ahead. Join me next time for Bands That Followed Me On Twitter.

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