This is not a dead blog, thisis nota dead blog!

(Apologies to John Lydon, who wouldn’t care anyway…)

So, yeah. NaNoWriMo took my time and then I got sick and then…it’s the holidays. I’m writing this so that next year I remember how much work it is around this time of year to keep a blog going. I have all sorts of posts in the works but (insert excuse here). The main one I want to get posted is one on my favorite holiday songs – and it will be almost outdated when I post it. But! I don’t care, I’ll post it anyway.

I also found out that the person I was trying to contact about my next URGH segment has left that company, so I’ll hopefully have some resolution soon on that front and I’ll get back to my weekly posts.

All of this to say like it did on the old Carson Tonight Show: More To Come!

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