New Maritime Daytrotter session!

I’ve been muchly loving the new Maritime record Human Hearts. Every song is really good, they get in my brain and won’t leave it alone until I listen to the album again. And again.

Daytrotter is a cool website that has lots of artist sessions, 4 songs a shot. They’ve hosted Maritime quite a few times and the latest was just posted today with songs from Human Hearts. Check it out. Free downloads of 128k mp3 versions of the songs, or a buck a song for lossless!

Maritime is Davey von Bohlen & Dan Didier from The Promise Ring, with Justin Klug (bass) & Dan Hinz (guitar) filling out the lineup. I hope they come to Denver soon.

I bought the album a month or so ago but just now found out that it was released back in April! I can’t believe I slept on it so long. I also found out that they posted a bunch of b-sides on Soundcloud for free. All the tracks that have “Download” next to the “Save to Favorites” are the ones, and they’re pretty darn good, too. Go get ’em! And buy the album. Preferably from the link above. (winky smiley here)

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