How much of a Smiths dork am I?

I just looked at every picture on this post at

(Photos © Paul Sinclair &

I’m kind of a techie in my job life, and I see all sorts of “unboxings” of phones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc. I had recently come to the conclusion that reading those articles & looking at the pictures wasn’t really worth my time.

This though? Holy crap, I was SO STOKED to see these pictures. I am a HUGE Smiths nerd. Well, I’m a huge music nerd in general (duh), but this really turned my crank.

Which reminds me, I should do a post about the Stone Roses box set I acquired recently. It’s really cool as well.

Has there been any deluxe edition music packages you couldn’t wait to get your hands on? Or have lusted over? I would *love* to get this set, but it’s $500, it’s limited edition, and I just don’t see it happening. Maybe if this blog takes off, I could. 🙂

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