Sunday, July 27, 2014

Album Listening Club - Lazaretto discussion post!

I resolve to cut my use of exclamation points. Really.

I don't think he believes me.
Anyway, let's do this! You chose Jack White's Lazaretto as our first record to listen to and there couldn't have been one much hotter (except for Weird Al's Mandatory Fun - maybe we'll discuss that one in the future :).

Lazaretto - Jack White's second solo album - set the one-week vinyl sales record with 40,000 copies (the most since Billboard started keeping track of vinyl sales in 1991) and sold 138,000 copies overall in its first week. Pretty impressive nowadays, considering that Weird Al took the #1 album sales slot with 104,000 this past week.

The album seems to have generally positive reviews - even Pitchfork gave it a 7.1 (which doesn't seem like a ringing endorsement to me, but the words favor the album.)

What did *I* think of the record? I'll post my reaction in the comments. You're encouraged to do the same!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The 1st Album Listening Club album is…

Jack White's Lazaretto!

Most people know Jack as the former leader of The White Stripes, and he's pretty much the god of indie lately, what with his Third Man Records studio and frequent & varied vinyl releases on his Third Man label. I know his songs fairly well, the singles at least. I loved White Blood Cells by The White Stripes. I guess I'll hold any more comments until the discussion post.

The voting came down to the wire with the last vote cast on Sunday afternoon deciding between the two frontrunners. Here are the rankings of the 5 albums that were voted on:
  1. Jack White - Lazaretto - 7 votes (32%)
  2. Slint - Spiderland - 6 votes (27%)
  3. Mantronix - The Album - 5 votes (23%)
  4. Beachwood Sparks - Once We Were Trees - 3 votes (14%)
  5. Critters Buggin - Guest - 1 vote (5%)
I was all ready to be the tiebreaker between Jack & Slint, but a last vote put Jack over the top. I was leaning toward Slint, too, curious as to what had 6 people voting for that record (I haven't heard it).

If you'd like to buy Lazaretto by Jack White on iTunes, please click this link to do so. It's an affiliate link, I'll get a meager pittance for my work here. :)

The album can also be found on Spotify , Rdio, Amazon, and Google Play. (No affiliate, boooo)

On Sunday July 27th, I will create a post on for us to share our thoughts about the record and, most importantly, discuss with the other listeners! As of this e-mail we have 37 members on the e-mail list, which should lead to lively debate.

IF YOU HAVE NOT JOINED UP YET - what are you waiting for? There's no signup fee, no penalty for late arrivals, no blood, no foul. Sign up below & let's check out some great records together.

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