Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Wang Chung Cover Project

I've always been a fan of Wang Chung's "Points on the Curve" album. Recently I got a wild hair to cover the record, song by song. In one of the more self-indulgent moves here on the ol' blog, I'm going to post the songs that I make. This one is just a guitar, looped drums, & voice. There may end up being more production on other tracks (hell, I may end up adding more to this one), but I wouldn't expect much from any of it. It's mostly just something to get me playing music again, which will hopefully lead to more original songs of my own. I may end up posting some of those, as well. Don't worry, though. There will be no "Everybody Have Fun Tonight." I can't stand that damn song.

So, here you go. Dance Hall Days.


  1. 100% behind you excluding Everybody Have Fun Tonight. That song is beastly!

    1. I think I might not have as much of a problem with it if it didn't have "Wang Chung" in the song. Perhaps that's the issue they came up with - they couldn't find a lyric to fit in there and Wang Chung worked so they went with it.

      Obviously it worked for a massive amount of other folks. Just not me. If anyone knows Jack Hughes or Nick Feldman from the band, have them contact me or reply here!

      In looking at the Wiki article for "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" just now, I see that it was co-written by Peter Wolf. Not the Peter Wolf from the J. Geils Band, but Peter Wolf who worked with Frank Zappa and also worked on songs like "Who's Johnny" from Short Circuit and "King of Wishful Thinking" from Pretty Woman. Sounds like an interesting guy. :)