Saturday, March 24, 2012

Post-Wish Cure Discography Suggestions

My friend Adam has an epic message thread on facebook - he's revealing a music list to a few of his friends. You have to know Adam to understand about the lists. Seriously, when I read High Fidelity, it was like I was reading about Adam, with the lists. Anyway, I was about to start writing a comment on facebook to our friend Dan who had said that there are certain people in music who, in their later years now, he just pretends they are different people than their younger selves, because it's easier to do that than reconcile the brilliance of their youth to what they put out now. He mentioned Sinead O'Connor, Michael Stipe, and Robert Smith, and I can sort of understand why. I asked what his particular beef was with Smith and he told me:
Sure, stuff like "Why Can't I Be You?" was fun but it felt like by the time they got to "Friday I'm In Love" it's all they were doing. To be fair, I was paying less attention but I even listened to that recent album called "the Cure" and it just sounded static and underwhelming. That said, give me a few songs to really listen to and I'll seek em out and try again. I owe them that. And live, they still deliver. I'll give them that.
So, Dan, here's what I recommend as far as The Cure's discography post-Wish.